• What is Food Insecurity ?

    No one is left untouched by food Insecurity

    College Food Insecurity

    College students are often the most underrepresented group when the disscussion of food insecurity occuurs. As a society we joke that "broke college students" live off ramen noodles and microwaved meals. In reality these jokes hint at the reality many college students face. Many times college students will not bring up the issue of food insecurity because of the stigma surounded by it. Students who may struggle with food insecurity in college may skip meals, say they are not hungry, or eat smaller portions. This can make it hard to detect if a student is struggling with food insecurity.


    A new survey from the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice, College and University Basic Needs Insecurity: A National #RealCollege Survey Report, includes responses from almost 86,000 students at 123 two- and four-year institutions. The survey found that more than 60 percent of students had experienced food insecurity within the past thirty days or housing insecurity/homelessness within the past year. Certain groups of students faced a higher risk of basic needs insecurity: students at two-year institutions, African Americans, LGBTQ students, students with prior military service, former foster youth, students with prior criminal convictions, and students listed as “independent from their parents or guardians for financial aid purposes.”





    Food Insecurity on Millersville University

    The HUB is addressing this issue of food insecurity head-on through our Campus Cupboard food pantry and community meals. Millersville University has many students who are struggling with food insecurity. Three quarters of Millersville University students live off-campus and many of them are dealing with food insecurity.


    The MU Social Work Department partnered with the Campus Cupboard to conduct a survey of MU Students. The survey asked students about the following: homelessness, houseing insecurity, food insecurity, and overall well- being.


    Millersville University Students U.S Adult Food Security Survey (Raw Data)

    Food Security

    High food security





    Marginal food security



    Low food security



    Very low food security



    Assesing food insecurity at Millersville University

    Collecting data is essential to allow The Campus Cupboard

    to establish baselines, benchmarks, and goals to keep moving forward. To best serve our Millersville University community we ask you to please fill out this quick survey about The Campus Cupboard and food insecurity at Millersville University.

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